64 bit ISO filea

I’m trying to burn an iso of Linux Mint 17 to disk or USB with UltraISO, no problem with the 32 bit versions.
However if I download the 64bit versions and then open the iso all I get is an EFI folder, nothing else. The iso is 1.3 Gigs, the EFI folder is only a couple hundred megs.
How do I get it so I can install it on an older computer? It does have a 64bit core on it.

Try Rufus? rufus.akeo.ie

Looks like it is doing an EFI boot.

Thx it worked!
UltraISO must be pre-Win8 it always makes you restart in admin mode and doesn’t see the no EFI files.

Doing a weird fix here. I set up 4 Linux boxes at the Library, they’ve run like a charm for over 3 years.
They called becasue one won’t boot it blinks and flashed starting the X server now. Took it home and reinstalled Mint14 and brought it back.Won’t boot. Same issue.
Said I’d donate a system, used Mint 17 but when I took iy back - it did same thing. Brought them home plus the monitor they use, reinstalled and both work fine.
Brought it to the Library, same damn thing!
Tried other outlets and locations in the Library… NFG, so I took it home for further study and the damn things work fine at my house…

Weird. Power issues? Grounding fault or something like that? I’ve seen that where it’s had a weird effect on USB devices when power wasn’t grounded properly.

It is weird. Like I said, I even tried other locations in the library to ensure I was on a different circuit.
See what happens tomorrow when I bring them back.

That is weird. I’ll be curious to hear what you figure out. Nice choice of distro:)

It was their keyboard.
Sure enough, I got the same problem as soon as it arrived. Though of the only difference between using it at home and there and it was keyboard/mouse. Worked fine with keyboard off adjacent station.
Too bad for them, there are no computer stores here anymore…

Too bad for them, there are no computer stores here anymore…[/quote]

Interesting about the keyboard failure. Perhaps you can act as a consultant and collect a nominal fee for repairs? I am heading towards retirement by year’s end. Looking forward to be being a gentleman of leisure.

I’m bored to tears!
Madly trying to boost some more repair business, there are 0 jobs in this town. Tempted to move to Prince George and be a WalMart door greeter, LOL