5th Generation 80GB Ipod Video Tips

I am the proud owner of a new 5th Generation 80GB Ipod video/game/picture, etc.  Any tips on how to use it?  :smiley:    Any tips on where to get free games, video for ipod( the russians suck right now).  I can get the music on it, but I havent figured out how to get anyvideo on it.

If it matters, I use windows XP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Got the video figured out…still looking for any other tips :smiley:

There’s ipod video torrents all over the place.  I get annoyed when I’m looking for a particular show and the only ones out are for ipods :frowning:

They’ll still work fine in Quicktime or iTunes or whatever.  I subscribe to a bunch of video podcasts that I watch with iTunes (since my iPod doesn’t do video).

Speaking of iTunes, I thought iTunes store had videos and shows you could purchase and download. I went looking the other day for some old tv shows on iTuens and I could not find anything but music.