500 blk 10th east

for thoes of you that weren’t in scanner land…  a dear that had been limping around that looked like it had gotten hit, the police ended up putting the deer down by one shot  :frowning: 1 minute later, they had to shoot off one more shot.    that is if anyone was wonderinggg

On other hand,it is 11:30 and the underground has more then 180 people in it an the belly is at 80-100!!! tonight is gonna be a busyyyy night

ah, i was just driving past there, and heard the shot.

inmates will be eating good :imp:

They already do… they get Subway!

I hope it is the same type Jared ate when he lost all that weight :smile:

I think they get to pick what they want actually. Well, from a list of a few subs at least.

that would be nice. where do i sign in?

Just check out the Criminal code of Canada, select an offence, commit the offence and stand by to place your orders.

It depends on what day it is, most of the time its ham or cold cut trio day! All of them get the same sub as everyone else though, same toppings and sauces.

I thought they made a few different kinds of subs… I can’t remember It’s been too long since I worked there.