5 part doc on street gangs in Rio De Janeiro favelas

Thanks for posting it. i’ll check it out later. 

The DVD of the movie City of God has a feature on the training for the police in charge of the street gangs.  Good movie and good special feature.

yeah that special feature your talking about was just as good as the movie, great dvd man. i think this doc actually uses some of the footage from that special feature, the huge shoot out by the water towers, i couldnt get that out of my head it was just so intense.

Jesus part 3 of 5, CV has an M136 AT4 rocket launcher. Wow. “HEY FELIPE, you seen my other AT4 mang? Did I leave it under the bed AGAIN?”


Personally, knowing the world a little, I’d say there’s alot of background subsidizing going on there.