$5 Million Mistake

So it seems the city made quite the little boo-boo when preparing it’s 2007 budget.

I find this quote funny…

Obviously.  This is quite the SNAFU…wow. :astonished:

must have over spent on the snow removel  :wink:

Hmmm wonder where the Mayor was, the big meeting in Vancouver doesn’t start til Monday?

Lucky Ms. Payne to be on watch as Acting mayor when the books don’t balance right… I think in the supermarkets they call this clean up in aisle five…

Maybe if they’re looking to cut some costs from that sudden 5 million dollar boo boo, a quick look at the travel budget might bring things back in line a bit… :unamused:

At least it will give our crew something to talk about at UBCM, maybe they can even host a seminar, “you’re never as rich as you think you are”…

It would have been nice to know which projects they’ve decided to cut back on… maybe they would like to consult with the taxpayers first eh, since we didn’t lose track of the money…

At any rate, the place is run like a game of monopoly at the best of times, so what the hell, Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect your 5.1 million dollars…

We citizens have one thing going for us.  We vote.  I strongly suggest that we observe what is happening here on the North Coast and vote for local, provincial, and federal candidates that care about our town!

For back ground on this go to
canada.com/cityguides/prince … 285b474b3b

Never mind the daily folks, from the Podunkian news service, this exclusive video presentation as to what really happened to that five million dollars…

Simply confirms my decision to leave town after 14 years here.  This city has the worst administration I have seen - counting money twice is a pretty basic error.  Eventually the local homeowners will be left holding the bag - oh but wait I don’t have any money to pay my property taxes because I counted my salary twice!!!

Personally I think those folks who say this city is going to boom are dreaming.  The container terminal is on federal port land and doesn’t pay the taxes of a large industrial company like the pulp mill (when they did pay taxes).  All the future planned development seems to be on port land - so no large industrial tax base.  Just you and me as homeowners paying property tax - well now just you because I’m outa here.

Further to my last post - because we are moving out of town I went into City Hall back in early August to stop the automatic deduction of utility payments from my bank account.  Since then the City has made two more deductions and only yesterday did they fess up and say they had made a mistake.  Now I know why they kept taking my money - they need to make up 5 million bucks!

Best wishes in your new life! :smiley:  Don’t be a stranger, please continue to post here:-)
Where are you headed, JJR?

  Good Luck to you JJR, you lucky “poster” :smiley:  I am thinking seriously of leaving here myself but is hard to leave your comfort zone after 10 years and my sweetie is here and a great job, but have feelers out for another, JOB, that is… :smiley:  I have to wonder what programs, the ones that are true necessities in this  town will be downsized now, or eliminated altogether.  Pretty dumbass job,city council, so what else is new?

ah it was just a logic error, two deductions, it’s double land, everything is done twice…

Just down the road to Terrace - Jackpine Flats actually.  We’ve always wanted some acreage - and of course you don’t find that in Rupert.  We were planning to move in a few years to get ready for retirement but decided now was the time to milk the Rupert real estate market - sell now before everyone figures out the boom is bust.

I’m in a very lucky position in that my job is regional so I keep the same good job - and actually am more central to my territory so travel will be less.

It will be interesting to come to Rupert as a visitor.  And of course I’ll continue to post here - where else can you bitch about things and have so much fun doing it?

Yep, there’s no place like HTMF! :sunglasses:

Hello everyone:

Just got back in town on Thursday only to hear that once again we are further in debt - $5 million plus, and Payne on the radio saying that don’t worry we will balance the budget.  Projects may be delayed by a year, but not to worry because our fine city is looking great anyway. I am curious where Payne is living!  Oh, I forgot - Graham Avenue!!!

I was also told that Herb Pond was in the USA when the error was discovered, how convenient that once again when something goes wrong that someone else has to be the fall guy.  In November of 2008 we the citizens of Prince Rupert will have an opportunity to go to the polls and vote these people out. 

  Is he down there auditioning for " Are you as smart as a fifth grader?"  :unamused: I think we can all answer that question for him… :smiley:  or is it “Whose” lie" is it anyway"? :wink:

Well lets get ready now and start finding the right people to run. I know there are a few grass roots who can still do the job accordingly and there are some real hitters around town who would be for sure shots. This city council has forgotten about its own while playing up to this fn super port which will bring us more then container ships. We are already feeling the effects of the Big City trash all around us.

Great idea.  BUT you aint gonna find them here.  I put out feelers a while ago to try and get a group togther who would stand up and make there feelings known about park land and recreation. 
I received only one person interested.

Unfortunately, everyone I have spoken with does not want to run for city council because of the mess it is in financially.  Herb Pond is quite aware of this and knows that his seat is guaranteed.  Herb is quite happy letting his wife support him while he travels all over the world on our tax dollars.  Know with this 5 million dollar error, it will be even harder to attract the right people to council.  Almost sounds like it was intentional so that Herb wouldn’t have to find a real job…

Are you for real???..Those people who dont want to run because of the current situation are not the people the citizens of Prince Rupert need to effect change.  Dont you think if it was all rosy, people wouldnt want to run as past councils had done excellent work?  We need people with vision and people who are prepared to go out on a limb to make things better.  A little bit of pain in the short term will pay off in the end.
I think your wrong …with this error good people will want to get inthere to effect change…I think its something that will motivated the electorate.