3GS iphone restore w\o Sim Card

so my Iphone 3GS was lagging h-core so I did a restore. Completely forgetting that I needed my sim card in order to get past the restore process. So my question is:

How can I get my 3GS to work just as a ipod without the sim card (its somewhere in Victoria;moved)


Have you tried using pwnagetool or something similar to create a custom restore image? Or just find a SIM that you can borrow for a few minutes?

I did try pwnage, twice. I must be using it wrong cause it still hasn’t been able to get passed that screen. I stopped about an hour ago before I just threw the phone out the window. I think i’ll just have to track someone in town who has a rogers contracted sim to unlock it.

Doesn’t have to be a contract sim, BTW. A pay as you go, or even a 7-11 SpeakOut SIM would work.