-39 nasty!

Enjoy your coastal weather out there, it’s -39 in the Fort and down in Hooterville.
Battery froze on the Saturn, so two of us in parkas get to stuff ourselves in the minitruck.
Kind of funny really as it’s got this lawnmower size battery that sits on a shelf completely exposed to the weather, and it started just fine.

Ouch, that sucks!  I can totally understand the ‘crappy’ (or what we may have originally thought to be crappy hehe) vehicle starting with no issues while the ‘newer/better’ one has issues.

Another example:  it was -56C with the wind chill, my friend was visiting from out of town in her brand new caddy (yes, it had a block heater) and it wouldn’t start.  But our 1981 diesel jetta had no issues, and it hadn’t even been plugged in!  LOL

When I lived in Vernon in 1968 or 69 it reached -45°, and with wind chill it was -85°F. Brrrrrr! We were bringing vehicles into the shop to heat up the oil pan with a torch to they would start. One of the workers was a little too zealous with the torch and ignited gasoline in the oil pan. It blew the oil filler cap into the ceiling. I always wondered what it did to the other seals in the engine.

Edmonton set a new temp low on Sunday of -49, with the windchill bringing it down another ten degrees or so. If I had to work today, I’d be smacking anyone who walked into the store and began wailing about the relatively warm weather here in the island with THAT lovely statistic.  :unamused: I swear that people out here just get too damn freaking complacent over how nice it usually. My mom is stuck on the prairies and she would kill to be dealing with 0 degrees temps and not to thaw out her car all the damned time. 

Why can’t you go up the mountain and climb the tower and replace the network cable end? I shouldn’t have to go to a control panel and click my mouse to switch transmitters every time this happens!

I’m from Hamilton and I used to LOVE the winters, really frosty , low temps. and high wind chills !!  It was always sunny then and the snow was sparkly and squeaked when you walked on it.  Your nostrils would freeze and your lungs would ache when you inhaled but Holy F–k, it was GREAT  :-D  Used to walk along the beach and the waves would have frozen into these huge ice cliffs that we would walk on and then warm up with a campfire in the -20 degree evening.  It was fun or maybe it was just all the booze we drank  :?

Come on sister, don’t blame it on the booz. I’m sure you had fun.

It is -3 C here in PR at the moment. 
Oh man, that is dark side of the moon cold you’re having, herbie! :astonished:

Balmy -24C this morning. Says it will be up to +3C Friday :smiley:

-24…that must be shirt sleeve weather for you:) 
That is still very cold…brrrrrr.  Good to hear warmer weather is coming.

Holy Shit what is with people?
FOUR people called today wondering why we didn’t show up at their house and install wireless internet, all four signed up Saturday.
We work on Sundays? We climb on your roof at -39C ?
Like this town is full of total retards!!!

We get a couple a week who drop off their hopelessly infected computer at 5:00 and are waiting at the door 9:30 next day seriously thinking it should be ready too. I tell them the nightshift called in sick, and everyone of them says "You have a nightshift?"
So how the hell did they think it would be fixed?
(tear out hair)

I tell them the nightshift called in sick, and everyone of them says “You have a nightshift?”[/quote]

I gotta remember that one!