32 inch flat screen tv stolen

somebody walked into the Salvation Army church today and stole the 32 inch flat screen tv. must have been at least 2 people with a car or truck. if you know anything please let captain Gary sheils know. thank and if you stole it merry christmas and please return it

what kind of sick scum steals from the salvation army?

Bubba it iosnt the first time somebody stole something from the salvation army 2 months ago they stole Capt gary’s electric guitar. , but the thought  of how the got it out of there. had to be somebody with a car or truck and at least 2 people

They have also stolen two digital cameras.I still say many people who hang there are also ripping off society who give with their hearts. But yeah Gary and Nancy do not need this kind of treatment.

It’s probably the same person that stole the guitar.

Just wait until you hear stories of a kettle going missing or stolen.  I’m sure it will happen.

whats wierd is that no one seen anything how does one not get noticed stealing a 32 inch Tv its not like they stuck it in their jacket!!

I have a electric guitar, 32 inch flat screen tv, and a digital photo frame for sale

Not very funny and perhaps puts you in the suspect list as the RCMP looks in these forums.

RE:Stolen items
Its very sad considering how much good they do in this community

well Billy maybe we should send the cops to your place to check and see if they are the stolen items from the church HUH

Court dates are open now for january, call ahead and book a convenient time… :smiley:

Was a joke…

On a forum it is difficult to determine if a poster is making a genuine claim.  This is a public forum, billy.  HTMF is the most popular website in PR, it is read by everyone.

Well dealing with many of the individuals who use the S&A everyday is not a joke, the Captains have bent over backwards for many. I do say it again that many of the people there are very much into using and abusing this service and they are robbing the community of Prince Rupert of their kindness and wonderful hearts. But in reality it is a very sick joke. I believe that it was a couple of the FN crack heads who are doing this shit. Pollard,Axworthy and many more without any consience.

Still, I will burn you anyway for being a retard.

So f*** off and go play your Guitar Hero.

Seriously BTW, who ever stole the guitar and the TV must be a very sick bastard.

No offense to you in particular but if you couldn’t tell that was a joke you’re pretty fucking retarded.

On a side note I have a digital photo frame for sale. I used to have a tip jar for sale but Unfortunately some jackass stole it :frowning:

Joke or not, billy’s post regarding stolen items from the Salvation Army is in very poor taste.

None taken, I got the joke. :smile:
My comment is in context to the backlash that billy received for his joke. 
He made fun of a good-will organization getting ripped-off just prior to Christmas and understandably the good people of htmf were offended.

Sorry for joking about wanting to sell them

well good news from prince rupert, all 3 of the lions clubs and teddys records, got together and  gave captain gary an awesoem crhistmas present, they donated enough money for him to buy himself a brand  new electric guitar to replace the one that somebody stole in October.

so thanks to kaien island lions club, port Edward lions club, and prince rupert lions club and Teddy’s records.Captain Gary was in tears today from the goodness of peoples hearts and he need that just know , since the tv was stolen this weekend so Good timing

I bet 10$ that something else is going to go missing.