3 Day Road

If you are interested in war history, You might enjoy this book.  it is a fictional account of the experience of two Canadian snipers during the war

It’s a good thing you said fictional cause MiG would have burst your bubble :imp:.

The Three Day Road is an excellent, (my opinion), look at the Great War on two levels: (1) the effects of the conflict on the psyches of those embroiled in it.  How does one survive such an experience emotionally?  DOES one survive it emotionally? and (2) a perspective on the relationship between aboriginal culture and an industrialized, European war.

It’s not easy to read at times, but well worth it.

How about a local perspective? Tommy Wardrope, who passed away December 1996, wrote a book entitled “Sayonara, Mine Enemy”, and tells of his time in a Japanese slave labour camp.

Awesome book.  Devoured it.  Great fictional interpretation of a very tumultuous and influential period in our country’s history.  Speaking of fictional interpretations,
I think Paul Gross should have read Three Day Road before he made “Passchendaele” which in my opinion is one of the worst Canadian films ever made.  Total garbage.  The only reason I sat through it was because I kept hoping they might actually say something about war, or Canada, or something, or even show some more battle…but it was a date movie with a fucking morphine addicted nursing sister love interest, and Paul Gross, trying to pretend he can act…As a student of our country’s history I think it was a grotesque obscurement of the real issues that would have allowed moviegoers to learn something about Canada’s history and involvement in that savage conflict.  Unfortunately though he tried to make Pearl Harbor in the mud (with a tiny bit of Saving Private Ryan), and it sucked gigantic sasquatch nutsack.  Worst movie ever.  Read Three Day Road to clear your head after if you ever have the misfortune to watch it.  Paul Gross should be executed as a traitor for causing such damage to Canada’s perception of its history.  Like amnesia for the collective memory, a nice hit of valium to smoothe out the issues.

very much enjoyed this book it was a great read!