Dudes, Warsong Gulch is like 2fort5 ! Woohoo!

Best… Comic… Ever…

The Battlegrounds that they implemented in WoW are cool, but the CTF isn’t worth going to, and not nearly as many people do that.

However, there is the Epic Battle in the other Battlegrounds

On some servers, the first Epic battle that went live, lasted 2 days and a few hours, before Horde overtook Alliance. On Warsong I believe.

However, Alliance has its firsts aswell… Just watched a video of a 5 man group of a guild named “Fury” (Came from DaoC) taking down Caine Thunderhoof (I think thats his last name) the leader of the horde in the thunderbluff city. Was quite interesting to watch.

wow!!!.. ryan hasnt changed a bit.

…and that’s why we love him.