#26 Where is this?

Hi, I’ve had one that I’ve wanted to play for quite a while now.

I’m not sure how hard it will be but we can give it a whirl.


This is obviously an island, a very rocky island…

Is it Lucy Island?

no. 19

Within the borders of a predominantly english speaking country?

no. 18

Has this country hosted an Olympics in the last 20 years?

no… and for clarification it is not a country. However it belongs to a country, yet I would mainly think of it as an island.

Well, perhaps you should clarify whether or not this territory does indeed belong to a predominantly english-speaking country.

Word, that’s the first thing I thought too…

ok, no it does not.


Word, that’s the first thing I thought too…[/quote]

I was kidding about that.


Word, that’s the first thing I thought too…

I was kidding about that.[/quote]

And by Lucy I meant McInnes Island… whoops… :blush:

Does the island belong to a predominantly french speaking country?

no… 16.

would it belong to greenland?

no… 15.

Do they eat a lot of spaghetti in the country where these islands are located?

no. 14

Did Columbus sailed on the ocean connected to the waters surrounding this island?