2010 Winter Olympics Rules

Just heard on the t.v news that the Olumpics have enforced new rules. You are not allowed to bring ANY cell’s, Camera’s video recorders, Unfolding chairs, Glass bottles (juice or other) back-packs,Umbrellas and MUCH more to Any of the venes!  :astonished: if I am to remember there is always flashing cam’s,and a lot more. Am I not wrong??? :S

Wow that’ll be fun trying to enforce that!  I understand why they are doing it though… better safe than sorry!

But BIG BROTHER will be taking your picture I bet.

Lamesauce  :laughing:

That’s cool. I often wonder government allows us to breathe. Seems like such a waste.

lol,ya,I think it is kinda crazy

Maybe they’ll set up those airport body scanners for the spectators. :imp:

LOL if they did that… thered be guys shoving hotwheels where the sun dont shine just for shits and giggles!

ahahahahaha can you imagine if someone actually did that!?!?!  :imp:

They’d likely video tape it, if they did it.

Someone should search youtube…

I can’t remember I saw that on Jackass, or Bam, or something of the like… but yeah… hotwheels, x-rays, and doctors with straight faces.  YIKES!

steve - O  :smiley:

Those things creep the shit out of me. Turns out the published photo’s are negatives run a photoshop/gimp filter and the detail you get is disturbing…

Ill never fly again.

It’s actually really tasteful. The person actually standing at the scanner never sees the scans–the person who sees them is in their own room and radios the person at the scanner if something is fishy. In essence, it might be a bit embarrassing, but no other passengers will see and the person that DOES see will never see you in person.

yeah right!! I will never walk through one of those.  I’m sure the person in the back room will be able to come out, theres no way the can be forced to stay in a small room for their entire shift,  and I;ll bet they can “save” images.  In a year or so they’ll be leaked all over the internet.  Creepers  :imp:

If I’m ever forced to go through one of those for work related reasons I will be popping a few viagra before hand and giving a wink while i go through.  I wont ever fly for personal reasons I’d rather drive.

They can save images and in no way is it tasteful at all. Just because the guy is beating off in a hidden room where he never sees the passengers doesn’t make it ok or tasteful.

Apply a negative filter to the images published by the media. That is the real image they see not what is being published.