2008 NHL Playoffs

While I’m sure this thread will quickly became a Canucks flame-fest, the playoffs kicked off today.

So, who are you picking to win?

I had been thinking that the Sharks were looking deadly going in, but after their loss tonight, I’m already thinking about hopping off that bandwagon.

For the fourth year running, an American city that doesn’t even realize that they have a hockey team will beat a Canadian club in the final.

San Jose over Montreal in six games.

Jeez one night in and I’m a dead man walking, I figured that Ottawa would get their stuff together for the playoffs and recapture some of that skill and scoring, uh…oh oh, don’t look at the scoreboard…

also figured that San Jose was  going to be the team to watch… hmmmm, watch what how they practice their golf swings…

My pick of a San Jose Ottawa Stanley Cup isn’t looking too good after the first game in… :astonished: 

Did you see that? In the last minute, when they needed a goal, every single time they couldn’t make a pass they shot at the goal?
What the hell did they think they were doing?
I thought you were supposed to skate around trying cute little spin-o-ramas until you could pass to someone else so they’d get blamed if they missed.
Or maybe that’s just conditioning from way back to the days of watching Gradin?

I haven’t made up my mind on the west yet, with the beloved Canucks not in the picture, but in the east I like the Habs.
It just seems like this is supposed to happen, like history repeating itself…and the Conne Smythe goes too…

I wish I could keep up but hockey isn’t shown down here unless you order the ppv packages.