2005 BC election

NDP gets 33 seats…Bout time there was a balance in parlement.

Yes sir, that is very good news. As our North Keeps moving forward, people will find out soon that we will be the next BIG CITY! That was supposed to be if that guy didn’t die in that movie.

I think it is AWFUL that this town has gone against the liberals for this election!! Prince Rupert has just began to see sunshine FINALLY since our mill has shut! Yes Bill may be alot of things but he has worked hard in order to secure our beautiful city ONCE AGAIN!! I hope the town continues to surrvive and uprise!!

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And I might add, a good one too. I am anti-Liberal but I must say that they did do a good job in the north. Well, that is yet to be proven but it is a good step on getting this community back on track. All the people that left, should stay gone. It’s our time now!

Yes a very good job indeed

He didn’t show up until the election happened, didn’t start the hand-outs until
election time came…oh and lies directly to people, what a great guy I’m just
oh so sad that he was replaced by someone that’s a bit more about people
rather then business alone.

[quote=“Optimus Prime”]Yes a very good job indeed

He didn’t show up until the election happened, didn’t start the hand-outs until
election time came…oh and lies directly to people, what a great guy I’m just
oh so sad that he was replaced by someone that’s a bit more about people
rather then business alone.[/quote]

Agreed…and that is why Mr. Coons probably won. Thank God. I don’t think I could stand another minute with that baboon for an MLA.

well unfourtunatly buisness in Prince rupert wasn’t surviving until just recently so, in saying that I guess buisness is VERY important for our city it dosn’t survive on good people alone, we already know that we are full of good people, we shall see how good coons does for the city. Not to knock him but when something is going in the right direction FINALLY, why changeit? Wait another term until our city is secure, use the man who has the "in’ with Gordon Cambbell already, do you think he will give any money to coons who has mocked the liberals so many many times?

It’s funny to see a liberal supporter being so negative after the way they were complaining that the NDP was running a negative campaign.

By the way, you already said something about the money in this thread and I responded to you!

I think your missing the whole point entirely, even any non-ndp’er will tell you
Bill Belsey did almost close to nothing. Hell he wasnt even mentioned as one
of the people who were lost from Gordan Campbells Pizza Pocket (GCPP) crew. Jokes aside, Bill Belsey probably even barely had the “in” with Mr. Campbell so how in gods good name is Mr. Belseys name any better then coons’? Because Belseys name is plastered on a liberal sign?

I also think your forgetting that businesses survive and wash away because that’s all they are, businesses. Most get closed down because the owner was an idiot who didn’t know a whole lot on how to run a good business. Not only that but businesses obviously survive from the amount of customers (or lack of in creative systems case) who buy from the store. Do you honeestly think if the liberals didn’t fund mc donalds it would be out of town the next minute? That’s kinda funny when you put it that way eh?

Also I’m pretty sure your gonna get all pissy about the Container Port, but to be honest that had almost if not anything to do with Bill Belsey. I speak for the 3000-4000+ people who may have voted for the greens or ndp in this town that Bill Belsey is nothing more then a clown with a better car then Bobo.


Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.

Mill shut down long ago… took him 4 years to get us somthing? and it happened a month or so before the election hmmm

The man had to go, he wasn’t doing anything for us, and as someone said in a post above; he had to do shit all with the container port. Lots of talk and no action with the clown man.

bill belsey? whos bill belsey? no seriously is he that dude that was hiding for 4 years unless some good announcement was going to be made? oh yea i remember damn that mill opened fast.

Seriously though, how can you expect to be re-elected by intelligent people if you lie to them? people KNOW he had nothing to do with anything changing in rupert. Well most intelligent people anyways, just like cambell is taking credit for the rise in prices for natural resources etc and claiming he fixed the economy. :unamused:

All Gary Coons is going to do is be a hardcore advocate for education, considering thats the one issue he based his whole campaign around and honestly, the Liberals arent going to give a shit about what he has to say anyways. They have basically have another four years to do whatever they want. Nowhere in Coons’ campaign did he mention anything specifically pertaining to rupert, unlike belsey.

Yes…and Bill Belsey did sooo much for Prince Rupert in the last four years? I don’t think so. We lost half of our population, and there are no jobs. Very nice. I personally think education is a very important issue, and it would be great to see an MLA support it. Before you say what Gary Coons will be doing for Prince Rupert, you’ll have to see it before you make any assumptions.

And fighting for education is a bad thing? When did teachers become the enemy anyways?

As far as the Liberals having a majority government and still being able to ramrod through pretty much whatever agenda they have, sure they still can. However, the NDP is now recognized as an official party, meaning that they are allocated disscusion time and office staff. This should mean that the Liberals will face tougher criticism on some of their desicions.

FIrst off, I voted BC Liberal for two reasons…I can’t stand Gary Coons, and I was hoping to see a continuation for another 4 years as it seems we are just getting to our feet here, financially speaking. I’m not saying that Belsey did such a spectacular job, I voted for the party not the man.

People seem really concerned about how things are going to turn out here because of our change in party. It may have been more concerning if we were one of, say, 3 other ridings that went NDP. We would have seemed more “radical” that way and could have easily been ignored by the powers that be. But since there is more of a balanced Legislature, we can’t really feel that way. Campbell can not alienate almost half of the province because of their choices.

As far as the port situation goes, we have to look at it like this…this is more of a federal initiative. Ottawa pitched in millions and millions of dollars towards this project, and we have an NDP MP over there, with a Liberal majority government. Let’s not be too concerned over that.

I really hope that Coons does what is right for everyone in our region. That includes businesses (big and small), the down-and-out, and all the other average joe working class people (union supported or otherwise). Hopefully he will have an open mind as far as what this area needs and be receptive to new ideas, and present these ideas in a proper manner so they are considered along with everyone else’s demands and requests of the Government.

Like I said before, I voted BC Liberal and they didn’t win, but it could have turned out a whole lot worse.

personally i really don’t think, and i may be wrong, as far as the education in Prince Rupert, our classes are not hurting, they arn’t over crowded and we have too many schools!! So i would say that we are ok in that department for another 4 yrs, we have plenty of teachers here, so we need to focus on our city and getting it back on track, hopefully coons will help in that area as well?

That says it all.