2001 Odyssey Author dies

Looks like Arthur C. Clarke has died.


Yeah, another SF icon gone.  :frowning:

Bad news!  Clarke was amazing. :frowning:

aw man I liked that guy too, He will be missed… :cry:

Sorry for reposting.  I had missed the first thread.

Also, MiG,  I like your  tentative opening post: “Looks like Arthur C. Clarke has died”. 
Weren’t you sure of his death at that point? 
Did you think it was a conspiracy theorist rumour? 
Or did you have to email HAL 9000 to confirm the story?

It was like 10 minutes after the first story hit the wire :wink:

What’s cool is that within minutes all the major news sites had full bios and obits for him.

These are usually pre-written and ready to go when someone dies.  Wasn’t there a famous case of someone’s obit and tribute being posted on CNN.com before he was dead?

Ah here it is:


I like Clarke and the many books he wrote, but my favorite SF author of all time is Heinlein.

Time Enough for Love
The cat who walks through walls.
Methuselah’s Children
and of course Stranger in a Strange land.

Time Enough for Love is my all time favorite SF book.

RAH died May 8th 1988.

Well the example you cited in your post certainly would have saved the world a whack of trouble over the last five or six years…