20 Things you won't like about Vista

20 Things you won’t like about Vista:


“The software giant is favoring security and IT controls over end-user productivity. Don’t get me wrong, security and IT manageability are very good things. But some of the people actually using the Beta 2 Vista software describe their experience as akin to that of a rat caught in a maze.”

I like this bit:

" I feel comfortable predicting that Windows Vista will not outpace Mac OS X Tiger for overall quality and usability. It’s hard to beat Apple’s top-notch GUI design grafted onto an implementation of Unix variant BSD. Mac OS X has excellent reliability, security and usability. That isn’t to say that the user interface wouldn’t gain if Apple adopted some other best ideas of the day, but Apple has the best operating system this year, last year and next year. It’ll be interesting to see what the company delivers in its 10.5 Leopard version of Mac OS X.

Meanwhile, I’m placing Windows Vista as a distant second-best to OS X. I see Linux and Windows 2000 as being roughly tied another notch or two below Vista, with XP being only a half step better than Win 2000."


I’ll admit I’m quite ignorant about this topic. I know enough to know that even asking these questions will likely ignite a can of worms, but I’d really like to know.

Microsoft tried to create a decent end user experience but got slammed because their software was full of holes and could be easilly exploited by virii and hackers. Now it seems they are trying to plug all of the holes in thier software but the end user experience is suffering. I’ve never used a modern apple product or any of the Linux OS’ but the popular sentiment is that they are a users dream compared to Windows. It’s also accepted common knoweldge that there aren’t as many security risks.

My question is this: If any of those “other” OS’ had the market share that Microsoft does, would they become the target and be shown to have just as many holes in them?

It just seems, from my admittedly ignorant point of view, that the other OS’ enjoy the luxury of sitting in the shadow of Windows. They don’t need to be everything to everybody in the same way that Windows is expected to be.

Opinions? Comments?

Keep in mind that I’m not defending Microsoft and I am not some Windows fanboy. I use it because I love to play online games and Windows is the only way I can do that.