20% off!

All day Saturday May 14, enjoy an EXTRA 20% off the whole store at any Athletes World across Canada! You even get the extra 20% off on sale prices as well!

Way to advertise! He he, I’ll come and check it out. I need new running shoes…

I should have done it long ago… it’s not as advertized as it should be.

shit, i missed it :frowning:

Dude…the sale is today.

oh elle oh elle. I looked at my computor clock last night and it said 2am May 14th saturday… some reason I interpreted that as being tommorow is sunday… don’t know :confused:

Shit, i missed it :frowning:

yea I didn’t even go in the end. :frowning:

It was open till 6 mEthaD… Eso if you are still in Van you might have been lucky as the stores there were open past 6.

Ok. I have to admit I missed it too…I went to Terrace instead, and got my tongue peirced…oh boy. For that price, I could have gotten a pair of pretty decent runners…

i got me some sweet g-unit baller shorts that are fitty sizes too big! rawk

what’s with the tongue piercings… dosen’t that hurt like hell?

It doesn’t hurt at all… all I ever felt was a little pinch. But then I stood up, turned green, and almost puked. Apparently my body reacts to pain a little differently than I had imagined.

It sucks that it cost $90 in Terrace though. It only costs the price of the jewellery if you get it done in Vancouver.

as chris rock once said, “If I girl has a tounge ring, she’ll suck your dick”

riiiiiiiiiiiiight :unamused: