$2 Million Oops!

Someone driving a $2 million dollar Bugatti Veyron into a salt water pond in Texas.  Apparently he was distracted by a low flying pelican!  DUH!


I saw this on the news last night.  While I didn’t watch your youtube video, the anchor stated that he didn’t see any low-flying fowl, but the driver of the $2 million car did.

Dude was probably trying to change the CD or take a sip of his coffee (that would be too hot) while driving…  still, that’s painful to watch!  Not only for the damage, but for the Texan that calls it a Lambo…sigh

A long, but very worthwhile video of the Top Gear boys doing a speed test on the Veyron:

Top Gear is awesome!!

LOL yeah - they are definitely a fun bunch!  Check out this episode sometime - it still makes me laugh.  They came to the US to drive ‘big american muscle cars’ - sooo many funny moments.

Part one: (of 5)

The new season’s started.  It’s awesome.  They all have iPhones, by the way.

I’ll get around to posting some video I took in Dubai recently! 3 Veyron’s racing at night down one of the looong ass desert roads! That was awesome… Even the custom McLaren SLR’s following couldn’t quite match that :smile: