2 eagles with broken wings I captured tonight

Hi guys here are some photo’s of me with 2 eagles from tonight…
they both had broken wings found them on a hike one is a female and the other is a male.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Woah!  What are you going to do with them? 

Dare I ask why they are at your house?..lol

Don’t those people still operate a bird shelter here?


My dad works with the conservation people. He says it isn’t very legal to capture eagles unless you intend to eat them.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

yes i brought them home and we phoned the wild life shelter, they took the birds last night, their great people did you all know they use almost all there own money from there pension to run it. they just built a new eagle cage its huge…any who were going back in a few weeks to check up on the birds and make a small donation… they still need help money wise so I emplore the good people here to donate what you can…

Dude, you should have kept those eagles and taught them to do your bidding, you know like, Coco Beware - the Birdman, except I don’t ever remember his parrots helping him out, or for that matter I don’t remember him even winning a match, but Jake the Snake did, he used Damien to his advantage (until Earthquake killed him), so maybe you should ditch the eagles and get a snake.

Anyways, mad hops if you’re walking down the street and you whistle sending your bird into attack frenzy on some innocent bystander, having their eyes pecked out by an eagle, or better yet you could just stand in the streets, have your birds cirlce you, while they wreck mayhem on the place, dropping deposits, stealing fish, scratching tourists.

Damn, you should re-think giving those birds up, being Prince Rupert’s birdman would be the hizzo.

The eagle in the bottom picture has an affectionate look on its face… thats the one you shoulda kept.  Though the other one is still young, and you’d be able to teach it more.

I would of sold them on ebay,

The only kind of eagle you can find on ebay is the stuffed toy kind.

It is illegal to own an eagle in the states unless it was grandfathered.

Here, it’s almost the same, except that the natives get them for regalia.

I was at the wildlife place today checking out thier new eagle habitat. Being that close to eagles is just awesome.


There was an eagle 5 feet away from my window on 5th west. It was the time when all the birds were in the city because of the Oolican migration a few years ago. That was quite an experience.

Anyone watch that EagleCam they had a little while ago?  I have to admit it was kinda cool, but I have been raised on action films and kept hoping one of the camera operaters would atttempt to grab an egg…I suppose I just wanted to see it buzz-saw up his arm.  I sent the link back east and peple went nuts over it. 

1- There was probably no operators nearby to grab an egg. It was a remote web camera.
2- This was actually done in Prince Rupert awhile ago by none others than this board’s admin: MiG.

Maybe he still has some stills of the project on his hard drive?