1944 ~ The Ross Sisters Act ! WOW

This is a video of an act from 1944 - a sister act called the Ross Sisters.

I had never heard of them.  The song they sing is about 55 seconds long (nothing special) but what they do next is…!

I don’t think I have ever seen a human being do some of the stunts they did!

Hope you enjoy it!

(Watch past the first 60 seconds or so, then Whoa! Look Out!)

This has been circulating on the net, they are fantastic!  When I goggled them I saw that there was yet another set of triplets doing the same kind of act.  It’s discomforting to watch though don’t you think?

Lets hear it for the Ross Sister. I wonder if Simon would vote them off the show?

  I can do that… :smiley:

Pictures/vid or it didn’t happen…

  what ? lmfao