143 for those that stand on guard for thee

Canada celebrates its 143rd birthday today,  a coast to coast to coast celebration of Canadiana offering up the chance for a rare display of exuberance over all things Canadian.

While the big show will of course be focused on Ottawa where the Queen will watch over the national day of celebration, Prince Rupert too will have its own party to throw, though we’ll have to make do with Mayor Mussallem and Gary Coons for our official party.

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Newfoundlanders have a weird relationship with Canada Day.  On one hand it’s a celebration of Canada’s birth, but it’s also called Memorial Day in Newfoundland. 

It’s a day of remembering the battle of Beaumont-Hamel, which in a way, eventually lead to Newfoundland and Labrador joining Canada.

Celebrating the birth of a nation, and the death of another.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beaumont-H … d_Memorial

Yep it’s a juggling act for Newfoundlanders I imagine, though I suspect there’s a certain generational split on that one.

Ir’s also a strange day for many in Quebec, what with the Nationalists having tired themselves out on June 24 and Fete Nationale the ole St. Jean Baptiste Day.

While many take advantage of a day off, just a many others take advantage of the day to change residences as due to some quirk of Quebec law, July 1st provides some kind of signal to change residences.