14 tonnes of chemicals used for making illegal drugs

“Prince Rupert border officers intercept 14 tonnes of chemicals used for making illegal drugs”


(Photo courtesy The Province)

Source: theprovince.com/news/bc/Prin … story.html

That is great news to see but I’m just curious as how all this made it past security in China ?

That is some scary stuff that is trying to be produced there pretty sick.

Way To Go!
Really does make you wonder how it made it out of China.
Oh Ya. They probably don’t give a rats ass what gets shipped out!

Awesome!! :smile:

Not sure this answers your question, but the report states “In 2003 Canada implemented the new Precursor Control Regulations to respond directly to the increasing diversion of precursor chemicals to the clandestine manufacturing of illicit substances. The regulatory framework addresses the cross-border trafficking of precursor chemicals by requiring a license and a permit for all imports and exports of Class A precursor chemicals.”, which China may not have yet. Just my guess.

Heisenberg must be pissed now.

Naw, he’ll just rob a train. Breaking Bad is a great show. :smile:

The line I use regarding BC Bud: They’re taking the drugs OUT of the country and bringing money back IN? Sounds like a GOOD thing…