100th Birthday Should Be a Civic Holiday

Next Wednesday is Rupert’s Centennial.  It’s great to see lots of events planned to celebrate…breakfast, kids’ parade, family swim and entertainment.  All during the day!  Maybe City Council should have considered declaring a Civic Holiday so that folks could have the option of attending.  A holiday was declared when the first train arrived in Rupert way back when.  Oh well, can watch the fireworks that evening…oh wait little kids will be on their way to bed by then.  :angry:

I’m thinking the city deserves to give me an awesome present because it will be my birthday that day as well  :laughing:

Well I am sure they will see that parts of this town does look a hundred years old. I think that our city council should be embarassed with what they will present as an eye sore. Twenty odd store fronts on 3rd.ave alone, maybe they should all be kept in the pool for the day.

yep the fireworks donated by CityWest, which kind of means you and I are sponsoring them, glad to help out with the party! :imp:

I hope they do a good job of advertising the events around town !  Maybe we could do that on here fellas, post every evening what will be happening the next day and isn’t next week March break so the kids will be up late and be able to enjoy the fireworks etc. As for declaring it a Civic Holiday, I know where I work, I probably wouldn’t get the day off anyway but I am sure Council would take full advantage. Is the Mayor going to make an appearance anywhere ?  :unamused:  OR, would he have to wait for an invite?    :stuck_out_tongue:

Chrisj, not sure who you are, but I do know Codybear and I think you are out of line with your comments. It would be nice to see you post an apology. 

Oops, wrong topic, I do apologize.  :smile:  Long day at work, so sorry. 

 Happy B-day early… :smiley:  live it, pretend it is all for you dude…

next wednesday is during spring break so there is no school the next day. so im sure a lot of kids will be up late

Thanks so much! I’ll be sure to pretend the entire celebration is for me  :smiley: