osx update:


I’ll never understand why people post things like this (especially on Slashdot). Everybody who has OSX knows there’s a new version, since it tells you when you connect to the internet.

There’s probably very few people out there who don’t know there’s an update. Those people aren’t connected to the internet, so wouldn’t see announcements anyway :wink:

MiG TOTAL Avatar pic for u!



I don’t get it.

I pooped my pants…

Isaac does the same, but he’s only 3 weeks old, what’s your excuse?


I don’t get it.[/quote]

wrong pic… this one :po

Ahahaha, that one’s pretty good.

Question, why do some teachers have normal robes, and other teachers have the furry ones?

The ones with furry robes had to club their own seals.

Actually, it depends on what colour scheme your university uses, and what degrees you have.

When did the grad robes switch to the blue? Blue looks much better with the sashes than the black ones we used to use.

I heard Bill Belsey dropped Bling Bling into his speech again. What a cool guy. Those kids are going to vote soon and they will vote for him because he had the only grad speech they’ll remember.

They won’t vote for him.

He’s full of shit.

Same speech as last year, and everybody was still rolling their eyes.

The good thing is that we’ll have a new MLA next year to give the speech.

thats because they’re not going to vote, period.

Didn’t the liberals get 97% of the seats in the last election? they’re not going anywhere for at least another term.

Whats really funny is that half of the grade 12’s who walked up don’t give a shit about politics anyways, oh yes so sad and so true

ok i found a problem with the new update to 10.3.4 Activity Monitor doesn’t work and opens then closes right away… : O ( SHIAT…

Also is there a way to update the spelling For osx. ? the dictionary ?

Jason what the hell are you doing? You aren’t supposed to post on topic!


Damit my potato fell on the floor now that is your fault